Bass sounds for church worship band

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  1. Richard AH

    Richard AH New Member

    Zoom B1 Four
    Firmware: 2.00

    Here are 3 patches I use in a church worship band:

    • The "R Quiet Ch" patch is used for quieter songs, with a bit of chorus, slow attack and defret to emulate a gently-played fretless bass[​IMG]

    • The "R Upbeat" patch is used for most upbeat songs, with some compression and EQ to create a bit of attack and cut through the piano and guitar[​IMG]

    • The "R Up -8ve" patch is based on the upbeat patch above, but with the de-noise removed and a bit of octaver to give it a bit of low-end "grunt" when i really want to be heard![​IMG]

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  2. Kalmek

    Kalmek New Member

    Something wrong with the files. When i try to open them, there is just one FX in "R Quiet Ch" and zero FX in "R Up" altough i have installed those effects in the unit.
  3. Richard AH

    Richard AH New Member

    My first time exporting and uploading these files. I'll try re-importing them myself and see if I get the same issue.
  4. Kalmek

    Kalmek New Member

    Try that. Maybe its just problem on my side.
  5. Gary J Jazikoff

    Gary J Jazikoff New Member

    I am unable to get these imported either. Maybe it is because I have a b1x four with the pedal. When I export, it is a .zptc file. Would you be able to share the settings for each pedal?
  6. Jeferson Mesquita

    Jeferson Mesquita New Member

    Hi, did you get the pedals settings?