Bob Marley - Reggae Patch

Discussion in 'Request patch' started by easeupjosh, Jan 14, 2023.

  1. easeupjosh

    easeupjosh New Member

    Looking for a couple of decent reggae patches in the style of Stir it Up.
  2. julesbelan

    julesbelan New Member

    Reggae usually have pretty muted and bouncy sound, I would recommend doing something like
    DynComp {sense=3, Attack=slow, tone=0, vol=60}
    DynComp {sense=1, Attack=slow, tone=50, vol=60}
    LowEq {Type=HPF, freq=50, gain=whatever, vol=60}

    Full treble cut on your bass. I find that stacking compressor leads to bouncy bass. Also, I like to adjust the main volume of the patch depending on what amp and setting I have but you could add a volume pedal if you have the b1fourX. I'll look up some more patches tomorrow.