Heya! A newbie here.

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  1. raghu330

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    Dear All,

    I am a newbie to both multi-effects pedal and guitar playing in general (know basic chords & the standard pentatonic scale). I recently purchased Zoom3xn and have an acoustic-electric (Epiphone PR4E) guitar. Any suggestions for a starter like me? Does anyone here use a similar setup?

  2. electrotune

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    Generally, the guitar playing comes first, using effects -- second. So you need to figure out what sound you want, then learn how to play that, and then tweak the effects to match.

    For acoustic in general, some gentle delay+reverb would make it sound fuller, which is a good way to motivate more practicing and jamming. Just for fun you may throw in some Chorus. Maybe experiment with an AMP, though it's too easy to waste the valuable practice ear-time on tweaking the parameters.

    You can check A1 FOUR effects to see what's packed for acoustic (minus Sax, Harmonica, and Violin).