Is it possible to set tempo by tapping a MIDI CC-sending button on a footswitch?

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Matthew Probst, Nov 25, 2021.

  1. Matthew Probst

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    Wondering if it's possible to do tap-tempo (not the same as "multitap delay") with ToneLib GFX. It seems really excellent even if it were to cost lots more, but I can't find information on whether it supports this in the PDF manual or in the forums, aside from some people mentioning as an aside that they're attempting to do it.

    Failing that, is there some other way to get tempo/delay time set on Windows and Linux, through working with MIDI data? I can send toggle or momentary CCs or program changes from my switch.
  2. Matthew Probst

    Matthew Probst New Member

    Or would the mechanism be to set the Rhythm device with the tap temo built into the MIDI and keyboard events, and some of the delay pedals sync up to tempo? That would work IF the delays sync up to the tempo, but I seem to remember reading that one of the bugs that existed in the past was not syncing with transport/rhythm device speed. I'll need to be syncing up with MIDI clock for delay and such in the long run, so finding a supported way or a workaround would be beneficial. I do have experience on Windows in programming MidiOx and other such tools to preprocess MIDI events, so if there's some means of making a tap tempo program the MIDI block BPM with that it's within my grasp.