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  1. Hi everyone.
    Now it is not a secret that Zoom pedals are very universal. And if you want - you can update your pedal from ZOOM G1XON (for guitar) to ZOOM B1XON (for bass) - for example. After reset to factory setting you will have originat sound patches for zoom B1XON (only after reset to factory settings). Also you can upload sound effects from other more or less simmilar pedals... All it is great. However!!! Maybe some of you are already know that two ZOOM pedals G1ON and G1XON were relised in Brazil as SIGNATURED Models with special SOUND PATCHES (to be honest with you I suppose that original patches from original zoom pedals are not so good):

    zoom g1xon Kiko Loureiro
    G1on AK Andreas Kisser

    Once I found out about signatured pedals I started to collect information...I send request to USA Zoom representatives - thay re-directed me to Brazil distributor (they advised to me to buy this signatured pedals - but I already have one ORIGINAL G1XON - all I want - to update my pedal with patches from signatured pedals). After that I passed request patches from signatured pedals to ZOOM Japain makers - 4 e-mails...including reminders - but still no reply....

    So I think that our community can help to solve this problem...

    If some one have this signatured pedals PLEASE:

    - you can backup all original patches via turnlib and share this files with us;
    - in case if you already overright original patches by your own - you can backup them via tomelib, after that - reset your pedal to factory settings and I hope that you will have original signatured patches, which you can also share with us using tunelib functions (after that you can rollback your own patches which were backupped previously)
    - if any have hard copy instructions with patch list settings from signatured pedals - please also share with us - it will not be a problem to set up pedals mannualy via tunelib.
    - the best is to get official patch which can update your pedal upto signatured - that is to make roll back to factory settings and get signaturd patches on pedal....

    So if any one have those signatured patches - please share with us.

    Thank you all for your attantion and sorry for my English.

    Best Regards
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  3. Hello I have the Andreas Kisser's one. It's pretty aewsome. And I'm about to buy the Kiko Loureiro's one.
    So, I can share the patches from the Andreas.
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  4. perfect!!!! waiting for the link :cool:))
  5. Only from a0 to d9 are related to Andreas Kisser or Sepultura. The other 60 patches are similar to the regular g1on
  6. A0: Territory - Timbre next to the heavy sound of Territory, from the album Chaos A. D., from Sepultura
    A1: Forum OD - Preset of the song The Forum from Andreas - Hubris' solo album - delays and a slightly saturated timbre. Pedal Expression Function - Volume
    A2:Forum WAH - Here we have a nervous ground timbre but not so aggressive
    A3: Forum OD2 - In this preset, a more classic drive tone, simulating valves
    A4: Human DR - Base Drive from the song Eu, Humano from Solo CD Hubris
    A5: Human Harm - Timbre simulating the harmonics used in one part of this song
    A6: Human Solo - Timbre of the solo of the music Eu, Humano
    A7: Refuse - Extreme distortion weight of the Refuse Resist song from the Sepultura album - Chaos A. D.
    A8: RefuseSOLO - Drive for solo with auto wah
    A9: Roots - heavy base for the song Roots
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  7. because i don't know how to do it.
  8. B0: Sky Bullet - Patch with many late-loaded effects and sounds from U2's Bullet The Blue Sky version, recorded by Sepultura on the album Roorback
    B1: BENEATH - Heavy base with timbre next to the first works of the Sepultura, as of the music Beneath The Remains
    B2: Lava Sky - Patch for solo, using the drive and a bit of Reverb just like the song Lava Sky, from the album Hubris
    B3: Convicted - Monstrous base of Convicted In Life, Extreme Heavy
    B4: RHET SOLO - Drive with moderate gain, with a bit of delay and reverb, as in R. H. E. T., from the album Hubris
    B5: KAYROS Extreme distortion with lots of gain and drive
    B6: God's Base - A moderate and full drive base ring like the one used in God's Laugh song, from the album Hubris
    B7: Em Busca - In this patch, we have the effect Chorus and Reverb with the slightly saturated sound
    B8: Em BuscaSL - Here the drive has high gain and the phaser effect is much more present
    B9: Euphoria - Heavy base of music Euphoria Desperation
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  9. I used the google translator to translate the explanation of the patches because it is written in portuguese. Hope you can understand.

    Later I will post the other 20.
  10. Here you can hear some of the sounds. It's the official demonstration of the multi-effect.
  11. Iti s easy - just instal tone SOME INST.jpg lib

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  13. C0: Euphoria 2 - Wah Wah Effect, with drive and reverb from the song Euphoria Desperation
    C1: ARISE - Heavy base like the one of the music Arise and that serves for many other bases of that time
    C2: BIOTECH - Extreme Heavy like the song Biotech Is Godzilla, from the album Chaos A. D., from Sepultura
    C3: VIRGULAND - Soft drive with a lot of Reverb , used in the Virguland song, from the album Hubris
    C4: VIRGULAND2 - Raw and heavy base of music Virgulândia
    C5: Against - Tone very heavy and aggressive
    C6: FIGHT CL - Clean timbre like Sepultura's Fighting On song
    C7: FIGHT DR - drive heavy and definite to run dense bases
    C8: Wars Lead - Timbre Lead as the song of the Border Wars by Sepultura
    C9: Wars Base - Heavy tone, full of harmonics
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  14. D0: Metamorph - Clean base of the music Metamorphosis
    D1: Metamorph2 - Heavy Sound of Music Metamorphosis
    D2: LOST - Solo Drive Of Music We've Lost You
    D3: CONFORM - Heavy Drive for the Base of the Music Conform
    D4: LUDWIG - Ludwig Van solo music timbre
    D5: Vatican - Metal Music base for The song Vatican
    D6: GRIEF - Clean Base for the Music Grief
    D7: THE AGE - solo of the song Atheist
    D8: The Bliss: Heavy base in the style of music The Bliss
    D9: Lama - Heavy base, with more open timbre in the style of music da lama ao caos
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