ToneLib JAM are you kidding me!!

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    So never used ToneLib JAM before.
    Tried it the other week and was like Are you kidding me!!

    I was able to load in a WAV file (wish i would take MP3), it beat detected it, set up bars and measures.

    So I could now tab in real time with the track playing. I was doing bass so the built in bass player thing would play the tab notes and I could compare to the track and not even need a bass in hand but to check fret board positions.

    Maybe other tab programs do this? If they do I am not aware, but this is AMAZING!!!

    Getting GFX or Metal to open in it though I could not get it to work for the entire track. The manual for it leaves a lot to be desired as this is a feature rich program and many features are not covered in the manual.

    To me, this may be one of the greatest tab programs out there! Just wish a few quirks I could figure out. And the manual get some updates.

    As a Linux user something this powerful is amazing to have! I hope they continue with this product!!!