tonelib jam, recording only right channel audio issue

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    hello there,
    i am not able to find out how to record my guitar centered l+r. i get sound on one channel only.
    i am sure it is me not setting it properly because everything else works ok.
    guitar gets into usb audio interface, it sounds great with two channels in fx.
    in plugin section, i can see that the imput signal is only r, but the output is full l+r.
    i tried to connect crossed , l to r+l and r to l+r, or single, but still..
    so i do not understand why the output is l+r, but when i record something is only right channel.
    any help?
    and by the way,
    thank you infinitely for distributing your products fully working to linux users.
    this is the first time i have bought software for linux, because you deserve it, the products are just fantastic.
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