ToneLib Metal Edition!!

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Marauder Music, Jan 30, 2022.

  1. Marauder Music

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    In case anyone missed the news there is a new ToneLib Metal Edition! Previously I requested they add an Engl to the amp line up and they went above and beyond and added a group of awesome metal amps!

    Note to Ubuntu Linux users. The.deb file needs to have properties set to executable and it still may give a "cannot satisfy dependencies" error.
    This video helped me out!

    Cant wait to dig into this new ToneLib amp sim! Thanks ToneLib!!

  2. lucygenick

    lucygenick New Member

    Just awsome! The best guitar sim you can get.
  3. Trevor Sullivan

    Trevor Sullivan New Member

    Tonelib Metal confuses me. The interface seems almost identical to GFX, so why not make this an update or expansion pack for GFX?
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  4. Spatry

    Spatry New Member

    I concur, I would love to see this as an ADDON for owners of GFX. I prefer GFX over any of the commercial guitar plugins for Windows. I tested Tonelib-METAL demo on Arch Linux and did a side by side comparison of GFX and METAL as VST plugins in Reaper on my Youtube channel.

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