ToneLib Metal Edition!!

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    In case anyone missed the news there is a new ToneLib Metal Edition! Previously I requested they add an Engl to the amp line up and they went above and beyond and added a group of awesome metal amps!

    Note to Ubuntu Linux users. The.deb file needs to have properties set to executable and it still may give a "cannot satisfy dependencies" error.
    This video helped me out!

    Cant wait to dig into this new ToneLib amp sim! Thanks ToneLib!!

  2. lucygenick

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    Just awsome! The best guitar sim you can get.
  3. Trevor Sullivan

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    Tonelib Metal confuses me. The interface seems almost identical to GFX, so why not make this an update or expansion pack for GFX?
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  4. Spatry

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    I concur, I would love to see this as an ADDON for owners of GFX. I prefer GFX over any of the commercial guitar plugins for Windows. I tested Tonelib-METAL demo on Arch Linux and did a side by side comparison of GFX and METAL as VST plugins in Reaper on my Youtube channel.

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  5. -I-

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    hello guys...This issue is so shady if you ask me...Years ago there was some requests and qurstions about ENGL / PEAVEY etc type high gain/vintage etc amps and whether the devs think about adding those to the GFX in the near future...The one of the devs responded "yeah we have some plans about adding some sort of 5150 clone etc"... And I am more than %100 sure I was not the one and only one waiting for a GFX update with additional amps/pedals etc. But the devs made a different move and released the previously mentioned updates/addons as a seperate software. I found this act kinda shady and greedy, and wanted to express my feelings about that (without passing the limits of freethinking and mutual respect, ofcourse), but devs and other gfx employees deleted my comments about that subject evert single time. And wanted to silence me about this stuff... Now Iam trying my chance onece again and writing these... Tonelib Metal should be an update/add-on to the existing GFX, but devs took the greedy path and released this "update" as a seperate sotware...Next approach would be selling all the amp heads, pedals etc seperately, I dont know...But I lost my trust to these guys entirely. I currently had the full version of GFX and also bought the METAL edition just to be able to thoroughly check/test both sotware and Ican easily tell that this is just a ripoff and shady approach...
  6. Marauder Music

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    I agree, and have a few thoughts. I'm being flag for spam replying to this? That is odd?? (Outsmarted the key word Nanny :) )
    Once I get past the excitement of at least having Linux native option, it is a pain to have two products to manage and update. There is another Linux option I tend to gravitate towards for recording because my fav IRs just don't sound right in and I love this other brand's clone A LOT (maybe too much), but I still enjoy ToneLib and am glad they support Linux. They may not have the budget as some others. I am happy to support them and hope to see their products move along. The new free tools were nice "bonues" too.

    My guess is they were faced with "we spent time effort and money developing the metal amps" if we just add them and raise the cost of the product folks will get mad." If we make it its own product we can recoup some of the investment." I'm sure it was a hard call. I am a bit older so to have tools like this these days for the cost is amazing compared to what we used to go through (my first recording was a Boogie MK3 into a resistive load box I built myself into a Cassette Portastudio, there were not IRs then so tone? Yeah LOL!!) I am grateful to be here now tech wise.

    I would have paid a bit more to have one integrated product (not everyone would). Perhaps we we see a "new revamp" and all will be one in a new version for a limited cost upgrade. I'd be down for that.
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  7. As a person who works in software development, I can't complain much about ToneLib's decision to release a separate product. Piracy is to blame here. It's really hard to monetize a software product in such an environment where software is just taken for granted. What I can (and will) complain about is the mind boggling fact that ToneLib guitar plugins can't process double tracked guitar. There's still no proper stereo mode! If you throw a GFX instance on a rhythm guitar bus, you get a mono output, which would drive any audio engineer worth their salt up the wall. You just can't do any serious work with GFX except for throwing it onto lead tracks, which obviously doesn't cover the main need of a metal production. I follow ToneLib for more than four years, and I recall being completely ignored on this subject for the entirety of this timeline. If I don't get ignored this time, I swear I will buy both GFX and Metal Edition.