Updating Firmware Problems

Discussion in 'Zoom G3n/G3Xn/G5n' started by Sambhav, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. Sambhav

    Sambhav New Member

    Tried updating the 2.2 Firm ware on G3xn. Just shows this idiotic message. Could somebody help out with the solution

    Thanks IMG_20200124_010740.jpg
  2. DEuDAN

    DEuDAN New Member

    Maybe the USB cable is bad. I also had problems until I changed my cable.
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  3. Adam Bunney

    Adam Bunney New Member

    It was a cable problem for me. Try as many cables as you can.
  4. shred_tread

    shred_tread New Member

    I had this problem when I couldn't find my original Zoom cable. Not all USB C cables are the same. Many ONLY provide power for recharging. You need a USB cable that not only provides power, but exchanges data between the computer and your G3Xn. Perhaps you mistook a 'power only' USB C cable for your original Zoom cable like I did. It was a frustrating issue to troubleshoot. Hope this helps.