Violin Patch?

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    did you made one?
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    Toshihiro Nakanishi Custom A1 FOUR / A1X FOUR PATCHES
    • Evn Trick - This distortion sound for electric violin uses Vn DIST and Vn Chorus.
    • Vn Harp - This uses PolyOctUp and Ac TpEcho to create a mysterious violin sound. Pizzicato playing can generate reverberations like a harp.
    • Vn Unsn VC - This sound for violin uses PolyOctDw to create the sound of a cello playing an octave in unison.
    • Evn Funk - This funky electric violin sound uses Vn A.Wah.
    • Vn Vision - This spacey sound for violin uses DualPitch.
    Perhaps, someone with A1 FOUR could upload the actual custom "creator" patches here.
    Also, it may be possible to replicate the coloring using the equivalent effects.

    By the way, Evn: Electric Violin, Vn: Violin, VC: Violoncello.
    There are 5 factory A1 FOUR presets for Vn and Evn (Vn LiveJam, Vn Orchest, Vn N'sWah, EVn Acoust, EVn Dist), most of these end the chain with a delay (Ac TpEcho or AnalogDly) and a reverb (DryPlate). I would assume the "creator" patches have these too at the end.
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    Here are the parameters of the "Vn Unsn VC" patch above; it makes use of PolyOctDwn (Polyphonic Octave Down) effect:

    Vn Unsn VC:{
    E. Vn GEQ:{131:1.0, 220:0.0, 450:0.0, 800:0.0, 2,2k:0.0, 3.1k:0.0, 7.0k:0.0, Vol:80}
    PolyOctDw:{Color:Aco, Tone:60, Wet:74, Dry:80}
    Ac TpEcho:{Time:380, F.B:20, Mix:34, Tail:Off}
    DryPlate:{PreD:160, Decay:50, LoDMP:27, Mix:12}​

    Basically, the used effects are mostly at their default settings:
    • E. Vn GEQ is to bump a bit low freq (131)
    • PolyOctDw to add the lower octave, bumping Tone up a bit, and slightly decreasing its Wet signal
    • Ac TpEcho adds delay with slightly bumped time, yet lowered Wet signal
    • DryPlate adds reverb with much lower params for less effect
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