2 bugs: TonelibGFX newer than 4.5.2 is crashing host on CAB sim select, no panels in VST3 version

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by WojtekS, Nov 21, 2021.

  1. WojtekS

    WojtekS New Member

    Hi Tonelib!
    My ToneLibGFX crashes my DAW (Ardour 6.9 under Linux) always if I try to use CAB sim or Impulse response loader.
    Last correctly working version is 4.5.2, every newer than that is crashing. It doesn't matter if this is LxVST or VST3 version, all crashes the same.

    A short video I've just made (non public):

    BTW: The VST3 version has a bug: the side panels (with Presets on the left and Effects / Impulses on the right) are invisible. Screenshot attached:(

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  2. WojtekS

    WojtekS New Member

    It's been 2 weeks and I'd like to know if there's any progress in this regard?
  3. Dr.Axelbauer

    Dr.Axelbauer New Member

    I am encountering the same problem! This bug is definitely critical. It makes tonelib gfx unusable inside ardour.

    UbuntuStudio 21.04
    Ardour 6.6.0

    Using the vst plugin inside Ardour just crashes whenever IR is selected or part of the chain!

    Is there a possibility to download 4.5.2 version from somewhere as to have a workaround?
  4. WojtekS

    WojtekS New Member

    Tonelib seems to have abandoned this project... :(
    This information must be disseminated on the Internet so that potential customers do not fall for the fool and buy a product that does not work.
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  5. Dr.Axelbauer

    Dr.Axelbauer New Member

    Hmm that seems too bad. But it is strange because, it shouldn't be too much work to get the stuff going in linux...compatiblity is very good on open systems and lv2....
    Anyway...could you send me the 4.5.2 version of the plugin, so that at least I get a working version?

    BTW: Is Wine a possibility to get the plugin working?I don't know if it is possible to start the plugin within ardour with wine (...as far as I know, carla is capable of this..)
  6. Vasilis Lambrou

    Vasilis Lambrou New Member

    Hey mate! Me too having the same problem, did you find the 4.5.2 version? I would like to get it too, haven't found anything online.