Aaron Marshall of INTERVALS "THE WAY FORWARD" tone for zoom g5n please!!

Discussion in 'Request patch' started by Pot_smoker, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Pot_smoker

    Pot_smoker New Member

    I just bought my zoom g5n used from my friend. Turn out it really hard to get my TONE. Kinda desperate cause everything in this unit is compressed and scooped like 80's tone LOL . I'm lookin for aaron marshall mid gain tone Please help me to get the his tone for the way forward album. Really appreciate for any help here.
  2. Beehive

    Beehive New Member

    I’m gonna give this a try later in the week. What guitar/pickups are you using?
  3. Pot_smoker

    Pot_smoker New Member

    i got a sterling by musicman SUB Axis 3 it's got a sterling designed HH pickups and i guess they're trying to replicate the original van halen dimarzio
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