About latest changes in TL GFX/TL JAM User License Agreement

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    We’ve noticed that the latest update of GFX and JAM User License Agreement had caused some misunderstanding among our users. So we’ve decided to clarify the situation about the latest update.

    First, let us emphasize one more time that there won’t be any clips or limitations in the evaluation version of both TL GFX and TL JAM, as we do not believe that technological enforcement of licensing policy is in the best interest of our users.

    Yes, ToneLib GFX and ToneLib Jam is now distributed on a paid basis. Due to the circumstances beyond our control, we were forced to change the form of our products’ distribution much earlier than it was initially planned, and we are sincerely sorry we didn’t have enough time to inform you about it properly.

    It is said that you should pay for our product within 30 days, otherwise you will violate GFX/JAM User License Agreement. What does it mean for users? It means you won’t be able to update the apps to the further versions unless you buy a license. Will your GFX/JAM app be completely blocked by the end of 30 days or will it lose some of its features? No, it won’t, because we would never do such thing to our users.

    The latest license agreement changes don’t involve ToneLib Zoom. It is still free, and we are not intent to move it on a paid basis in the foreseeable future.

    As we really appreciate all the users who helped us to develop our products during all the time it was free to use, we would like to thank you with a special offer on ToneLib Jam and ToneLib GFX. You will get 25% off discount if you purchase our products up to October 31st. All your support, your feedbacks and your attention really means a world to us, so it’s the less we can pay you for it. All the users who registered before October 7th will be able to gain their discount coupons within couple of days. Do not forget to check your email!

    Once again, we would like to thank all of our users for their support.