Adventure of a Lifetime / Blinding Lights / Mercy

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  1. Evandro Augusto

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    Today someone shared a patch I needed a lot therefore I thought that it would be my time to contribute to the comunity.

    I am sharing with you few patches I made for the following songs:

    Adventure of a lifetime - This patch I use on the bridge, it has a phaser.
    Blinding Lights - I made this patch yesterday and sound pretty close to me.
    Mercy (Duffy)

    Your feedback is very welcome, either positive or negative.

    Rock on!

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  2. Jayklmnop

    Jayklmnop New Member

    What type file is this? I can't open on my phone :(
  3. Atreyu084

    Atreyu084 New Member

    Hi!!!please can you show how did it? I cant load the presets in my pedal