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    Recently was unhappy with the Mac M1 (was not all it was cracked up to be). For years wanted an all Linux setup. I am so happy with your ToneLib GFX product. IMO I am getting better and quicker results than with a Line 6 HX Stomp. This sample track was done with Ubuntu Studio 64, Reaper for Linux, Ugritone Drums for Linux (original KVLT kit, there are dozens to pick from), and ToneLib GFX. It is an i5 computer and I have 8 instances of GFX running with Jack Audio and a buffer setting of 128 ms! No issues!! Realize this is not "a massive pro metal production" compared to everything else out there and there are some mix issues still. Just wanted to throw something out there to encourage anyone thinking about going ALL LINUX to go for it! You don't need MS, Apple, ToonTrack, Pro Tools, Bias FX. Your SLO SIM just love that! The delay too!) Super stoked with your product! Thank you!

    Sample here:

    Backing GTRs were your Recto with a OwnHammer IR, solos your SLO and SLO IR, delay, Bass was your SVT and 8x10 cab and your Bass Dist.
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    Hi. Could you please describe your issues with Mac M1 for music set up? Because I'm on ALL LINUX setup for now and I'm thinking to move to Win or Mac laptop. I also use ToneLibGFX and it's great on linux. But Daw, Jack are buggy, they are glitching/closing from time to time suddenly.

    Enjoyed your track!

    P.S. Check out my youtube channel with covers and original songs (all recorded on all linux setup btw too). The latest cover is for some good old NFS songs)

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    Hello Fluffy,

    Yes I was using Reaper and the ARM version for Reaper M1 was not fully ready. Reaper said use the Intel version for M1, and it was running inside Rosetta (a iOS wrapper). It slowed some things down, especially when I went to render a file, VERY SLOW. Also some plug-ins I like had yet to go Native M1 ARM and were wrapped up. Additionally other programs were SLOW to open document files or PDFs I would get spinning wait circles. To mount an external drive would take a long wait. Then iOS was doing a constant read/write to my external Hard Drive, just grinding away. And to unmount or eject thumb drive long wait. Then all the new viruses and iOS updates. The M1, to me, not the wonder machine I has expected. I tried to go all Linux in the past and as you stated the JACK Audio etc not fun. That has changed!!!!

    I got a i5 machine, put Ubuntu Studio 64 on it. Plugged in my USB interface. Went to Ubuntu Studio Controls, Audio Setup, and under "USB Device that should be master", selected my attached USB interface. Set Buffer to 128 (even 64 works) and clicked "Start Jack Audio. DONE and WORKING!.

    I read the Unbutu Studio has this Linux "Low Latency Kernal" already in it. And Using Jack used that. Changing to ALSA audio you can tell!! Espcially using ToneLib. To have 8 versions of ToneLib Plug-in going at 64 Buffer and a Ugritone drums going I was shocked!! ToneLib has even sidelined my HX Stomp to be a paper weight at the moment.

    Then I installed Reaper for Linux (go to the reaper forum) for info. Set my fav theme that looks a bit like Studio One, Installed ToneLib and Ugritone Drums for Linux. DONE!! All very snappy and things both in music and other application are way faster. There is also Tracktion or Waveform they are called now for Linux.

    My opinion, the M1 for me was a mistake for me. YMMV.

    Take care,
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    Got it. I suspected that not all soft is ready for ARM. Thank you for feedback, you probably saved my nerves and money)

    Yes, I also use ubuntu studio and low latency kernel (which is by default in this ubuntu distribution I believe). After reading your comment I think I was too strict about my setup) probably I can live with those hickups). I also thought about using reaper (I use ardour), I think it's time to try. Maybe it's more stable then ardour.

    Also, thanks for Ugritone mentioning. I use hydrogen for drums and was looking for some another solution.
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    Hey Fluffy,

    Here are a few more helpful things:

    Reaper Install:
    Followed Reaper install from here:
    Note: The Drag the .sh install file into terminal was a new thing for me, Worked great!

    If you like a Dark Theme for Reaper check out this video:

    In Reaper under "Options/Preferences/Plug-ins/VST" you will see the Reaper install is expecting to find VSTs in the hidden folders: /home/your username/.vst;/home/marauder/.vst3
    In a default Ubuntu Studio install those folders do not exist. I just created them. For a non-Linux person reading this a .foldername is a hidden folder in Linux the "dot" means hidden. You have to in File Manager click on "View" and check the box to show hidden folders.

    Once you get your Ugritone Drums you have two sets of files. The Sound Engine and the Sound Samples. When you unpack the Sound Engine file, make sure you copy it folder structure and all to your .VST3 folder. Not just the .so file. You can put your Sound Libray where evey you want. You will tell Ugritone inside Reaper where to go get the Sound Library. Note: Ugritone was a bit bumpy to get going, but once you get it up and going it smooths out. I have some hickups loading different Sound Libraries and the plug in knowing I just loaded a new Library, I have to select it then the cant find file from the last Sound Library clears.

    Finally Reaper has what is called JS Saturation, it is the "poor man's" Distressor and put oin Drums, Bass, Guitar, master buss can FATTEN up a mix.

    Finally Finally, check out this Mastering with Reaper Stock Plug-ins Video:

    This guy did an amazing demo of ToneLib GFX and that is what got me here:

    Hope this helps you and others!
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    Super helpful. Thank you