All My Patches (Contribuition)

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    I'm new to the forum, I don't know how to create threads for each patch, so I'll post all the patches I have that are relevant. In my pack there are 33 patches available for Zoom G5n.

    Bruno RSF

    1 Marshall 800 (Distortion)
    2 Another Brick In The Wall - Pink Floyd (Clean)
    3 Barracuda - Heart (Distortion with Flanger)
    4 BGN Solo Distortion (personal)
    5 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen (Distortion)
    6 Another Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen (Distortion)
    7 Clean (personal)
    8 Crystal Clean (personal)
    9 Comfortably Numb -Pink Floyd (Distortion for solo)
    10 Detroit Rock City - Kiss (Solo distortion)
    11 Distortion for Rythm (personal)
    12 Distortion for Solo (personal)
    13 Enter The Sandman - Metallica (Acoustic)
    14 Eric Johnson (Clean)
    15 Eric Johnson (Distortion)
    16 Eruption - Eddie Van Halen (Distortion)
    17 Evanescence (Distortion)
    18 Eye In The Sky - The Alan Parsons Project (distortion Solo)
    19 For The Love Of God - Steve Vai (distortion)
    20 Hotel California Eagles (Distortion For Solo)
    21 Kerry King (Distortion)
    22 Master Of Puppets - Metalica(clean)
    23 Master Of Puppets - Metallica (distortion Rhytm)
    24 Master Of Puppets - Metallica (distortion Solo)
    25 Mr Crowley - Ozzy Osbourne (distortion)
    26 Nothing Else Matters - Metallica (distortion Solo)
    27 Run Like A Hell - Pink Floyd (clean with delay and chorus)
    28 Enter The Sandman - Metallica (Distortion For Rythm and Solo)
    29 Slash Drive (Distortion)
    30 Solo Distortion (personal)
    31 The Loner - Gary Moore (distortion)
    32 Uk Clean (personal)
    33 UltraClean (personal)

    Hope you like it.

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  2. Can't open this all files
  3. Dave Krutz

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    It worked for me.Thanks for sharing!
  4. Dave Krutz

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    You'll need to use ToneLib software to load the patches to your G3n. Here is the link:
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  5. Sir this all file are corrupt please re-upload or can you share me this Patches on my email-
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    give me ur email i'll sendo to you
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  8. hurricaneabel

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    ready, I sent them to you.
  9. Berthault

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    Thank you so much for sharing your patches. That's nice and working even on a G3Xn. great Job guy !!
  10. Dtgiabao

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    Thank you so much!
  11. Curious.User.Error

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    Thanks for this! I've had my Zoom for about 3 years and finally getting around to figuring out patches available online for download. Better late than never so they say.
  12. shairul amin

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    sir I cant load your file sir it's corrupt or maybe i don't know how to do it I'm very new on zoom g3xn pls resend the file on my mail pls sir your support is appraised .
  13. Thank You
  14. KurtCobain27

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    Would you send them to me by mail? thank you
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    Sir please send to my email...Thank you
  16. Trao

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    Hi Bruno RSF, thank you for your kind contributiion of all the patches. I am afraid I cannot load them though - could I ask if you wouldn't mind emailing the patches to me? Thank you! (Email is:
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    Hi thanks for patches. May I have the patches via email too? My mail is
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