All My Patches (Contribuition)

Discussion in 'Zoom G3n/G3Xn/G5n' started by hurricaneabel, Oct 26, 2020.

  1. Mitchel Yardley

    Mitchel Yardley New Member

    new to this forum, not sure how to load these patches on my g3xn. i have the tonelib downloaded, not sure how to use
  2. Peter Lucas

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  3. cheese

    cheese New Member

    Im a newbie and I would like these patches. How do I use them on the Zoom G6? Thank you.
  4. Cikcag

    Cikcag New Member

    Hi mate, can you send them to me ( Cheers!
  5. rocinante

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  6. Eric Michael Sharo

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  7. didier

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    May I have the patches via email too? My mail is
  8. david66

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  9. Nur Hossan imam

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