Andreas Kisser Patch B03: Convicted

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    Andreas Kisser Patch B03: Convicted
    Device: Zoom G1X Four
    Firmware: 1.10

    Name on device: Convicted
    Optimized for: Phones/Speaker

    Effects chain:

    Patch comments:
    AK [B3] Convicted: Monstrous Base of Convicted In Life music, with extreme weight.
    I converted this from the G1on-AK patches posted by Carlos Henrique.

    Effect: "DZ DRV" (Amp simulator), active - "yes"
    "Bass" = 51
    "Middle" = 47
    "Treble" = 69
    "Presence" = 55
    "Gain" = 61
    "Volume" = 93
    "Deep" = 30
    "MidCut" = 0

    Effect: "DZ4x12F" (Cabinet), active - "yes"
    "MIC" = OFF
    "D57: D421" = 50
    "Hi" = 50
    "Lo" = 50

    Effect: "NoiseGate" (Dynamics), active - "yes"
    "Detect" = EFXIN
    "Depth" = 100
    "Threshold" = 22
    "Decay" = 0
    Patch Volume: 100
    DSP Load: 44%

    Note: This is a patch file, you will need to download and install the ToneLib-Zoom software to use the patch.

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    Hi Bro... Im Krail Anuar... Im Interest How You Convert The Preset From Other Patch Zoom Multi Effect Preset ? Can U Teach Me Bro How To Convert The G5N To G3X Preset... Thanks...
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    It is a manual conversion. There is no magic to it. Just click on the upload_2019-8-23_19-40-12.png button, then try to match the settings on your device. I've found that the Zoom G3n/G3Xn/G5n patches are the easiest to match with Zoom G1/G1X Four.
    For example:
    Factory patch G1on AK [B3] Convicted

    becomes this in Zoom G1/G1X Four
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    thanks for sharing ..