Android Beta installation problems

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by tony, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. tony

    tony New Member

    First... Thank you very much for this amazing app, for my G1xon!!!!:)
    I try to install the app on two android devices, a tablet and my phone. It shows a fail:

    "Analysis error. An error occurred while analyzing the package"

    I installed other non official app on this two devices checking "Unknown sources" in preferences, but it does not the solution for "Tonelib" app.:rolleyes:

  2. Narbe

    Narbe New Member

    Android 8, Tonelib beta doesn't install. Wait and see?
  3. tony

    tony New Member

    On my Android 4.4.2, 5.1 & 6.0 this app does not install. Wich version is required?
    Does anyoye know? ?
  4. taupter

    taupter New Member

    App doesn't install, not even via ADB.

    ADB error: adb: failed to install ToneLib-Zoom.apk: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_TEST_ONLY: installPackageLI]

    Phone: Motorola G6 Plus (Android 8)
    Desktop: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (64 bits).

    Obs.: I use this machine for Android development, so I install my own apks easily.
  5. Tonelib

    Tonelib Administrator

    ToneLib Zoom is now available for Android users through the Google Play Store. Thank you so much for bug reports and all the details.

  6. mwyattea

    mwyattea New Member

    Thanks for this great package. Was able to install the Android version on my LGV40 no problem (although haven't tested out yet as have to pick up an OTG cable). I do have a couple of Amazon Fire tablets that are running Google Play Store; only thing is can't install as get the message "Your device isn't compatible with this version". Will the Android version support tablets down the road or just phones? Thanks.
  7. Régis FUR

    Régis FUR New Member

    Bonjour j'ai le même problème de liaison entre tonelib android et ma tablette samsung Galaxy tab S en version android 6.01 malgré que le port fonctionne parfaitement avec le câble OTG et la clé USB ou la souris ou le clavier . Quelqu 'a t' il la raison svp? Merci d'avance . Reg
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  8. Dariush

    Dariush New Member

    Dear Tony;
    Are your Android devices OTG capable?