Any help curing Hot PJX pickups on bass with the B3n?

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Cataclysmm, Mar 23, 2021.

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    I have an EMG PJX pickup setup dumping to a EMG BQS EQ and I'm finding that in order to use my B3n pedal I have to turn my bass knob almost off on every effect or reep huge distortion. It's great for metal and I love the hot pickups but it's just too much if I wanna do a little Air Supply or Pink Floyd, or anything else. Any help with picking an effect I can add or adjusting the patches would be helpful. I use the AMPEG set a lot, harmonics and 056/057 the ChoRevDIy 1 and 2 with some tweaks. Everything I've tried seems to muddy the tone up or neuters mid and high frequencies. I output into an Ashdown Mag 220 amp for output thru a DI and Scarlett Solo interface. IM looking into the EQ with EMG to see if a setting or change internally can dope it down a tad but I thought I could ask here if anyone has had an issue like this.