Any patch with the sound of Steve Harris for the b1four?

Discussion in 'Zoom B1/B1X Four' started by Arturo Serrano, Feb 3, 2022.

  1. Arturo Serrano

    Arturo Serrano New Member

    Good evening, I'm looking for a patch or configuration to get the sound of Steve Harris on the b1four
  2. Stevebass7

    Stevebass7 New Member

    It's not for the b1four, but it may get you in the ballpark:

    And sorry it's a YouTube link and not an actual patch, so you'll have to do some manual work.
  3. Kalmek

    Kalmek New Member

    Why his tonelib fx looks totally different? And did he imported some fx from other devices?
    Edit: Oh, he uses B1ON
  4. Spencer22#

    Spencer22# New Member

    Esta en Español