Any Updates In GFX 4.0

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by F-P, Oct 4, 2019.

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    I see that GFX is now a paid software, and Admins are shutting down any discussion of the subject.
    Now I think it is worth paying for, and supporting future development, but before I part with any cash, I'd like to know if there is any difference between the paid version and the free version I already have on my PC. There are no release notes for 4.
    Also, as it seems to have happened 'quietly' with no 'Sorry guys, but to continue with the project, we must charge...' announcement, and the rather terse response to a question about it.
    I wonder if my money will be better spent with a more professional company.
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  2. Tonelib

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    We've done a lot of work on advancing the core modelling techniques so that we can introduce new features (flexible effects routing, snap-points, looper etc.) and devices (5150, LA100SM etc.) into the software, and deploy the modelling to new platforms (ARM). In addition, we've added some AVX2 optimization features to the engine which we hope will result in a performance increase (10%-15%).
    By purchasing our product, you provide us with the resources and incentive to support the software with updates and to develop additional quality products in the future.

    Please note: we don't clipping the evaluation version of TL GFX 4, because we do not feel technological enforcement of licensing policy is in the best interest of our users. Thank you for your understanding and support.

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    Hi Dennis
    Thank you for the sensible reply, much better than 'Go read the user agreement'.
    I look forward to seeing the improvements and supporting you.
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    5150, ooooohhh niccce, Im in!!!!
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    Ok...I think thats what we all want to know...more models...more effects..more routing/flexibility....and mabey just a little more absolution into the models...
    We are happy....not ampitube for $40.00 happy...but non-the less...
    Input range is very touchy on GFX before digital compression occurs and wipes out all sign of dynamics and liveliness....I'm running -12 to -16db at the front end to get the models to react to pick attack....and having to use the 20 band studio eq block to buffer the input signal to one that sounds like a guitar amps input...between those 2 fixxes....I get a livable dynamic response from the amp sims and far less background hiss/noise....