Arctic Monkeys - Brianstorm

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    This patch is based on HarryAndAGuitar's "How To Sound Like Arctic Monkeys - Brianstorm w/Pedals" (Guitar AND Bass) video:

    I play bass in an indie / alternative rock cover band and Brianstorm is one of the songs we do. I think this tone got pretty close to the isolated bass track from both the record and Harry's video. The Gorilla Warfare MKII pedal is based on the classic Proco Rat ("Squeak" on the B1X Four) with the difference being the TONE instead of Proco's FILTER knob (they act as the same). Added the Ampeg amp as suggested in the video and a ZNR for noise reduction. Gonna try it with the full band on the practice in studio tomorrow, so I'll update here on how the patch fared in the mix.

    Device: Zoom B1Xfour (Firmware ver. 2.00)
    Device cell: 59
    Patch name: BrianSTORM

    Effect: "MB Comp" (Dynamics), active - "yes"
    "Comp" = 70
    "LoTHR" = 50
    "HiTHR" = 50
    "Volume" = 30

    Effect: "Squeak" (Overdrive / Distortion), active - "yes"
    "Gain" = 65
    "FLTR" = 65
    "Volume" = 65
    "DryMx" = 65

    Effect: "AMPG SVT" (Amp simulator), active - "yes"
    "Bass" = 0.0
    "MID-F" = 220Hz
    "Middle" = 3.0
    "Treble" = 0.0
    "Gain" = 25
    "Ultra" = OFF
    "Volume" = 100

    Effect: "ZNR" (Dynamics), active - "yes"
    "Detect" = GTRIN
    "Depth" = 100
    "Threshold" = 50
    "Decay" = 0

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