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    I am trying to automate the changing of presets according to the timing of a base song, switching between clean and distorted sound automatically.

    The Tonelib GFX does not have this functionality. It seems that using the vst3 plug-in it is possible to do this inside a DAW. I am using Ardour (Linux) but I could only do this after my guitar sound is already recorded, I couldn't do it in real time.

    Is it possible to automate the changing of presets while I play over a base?

  2. Mvc9K

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    I figured out how to do it!

    Just include my guitar in an "Audio Busses" track and create the automations in the plugin based on the tempo of the song. It worked perfectly!
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    Just to understand, you have created bus with two sends to two tonelib plugins and you switching between them within ardour? or you actually send midi commands to tonelib vie ardour?
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    No, I just use one bus with my guitar signal them I add tonelib as a plug-in. Using automation (right-click on track / automation) you can turn the effects on and off based on time.

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    same concern