Avast disaster any reccomendations?

Discussion in 'Zoom G1on/G1Xon' started by Klark Bogh, Jun 13, 2021.

  1. Klark Bogh

    Klark Bogh New Member

    I went to do a firmware update on my G1xon, and went through all of the steps.
    As soon as it got to the part where it was about to load the firmware update,
    my Avast anti virus kicked in to warn me that it was a questionable download.
    That warning messed everything up.. When I clicked to proceed it just sat
    with the spinning circle of death for 30 minutes straight and would not
    proceed. Eventually I had to unplug the pedal from the computer.
    The pedal quit doing anything at all after that. It won't even power up
    now at all. I suppose it doesn't even know what it is now, thanks to Avast
    getting in the way of my download. Has anyone else had this problem and
    is there anything that can be done? Thanks..
  2. Dlaniger

    Dlaniger New Member

    You could try doing a factory reset on it. Here's a link to a YoutTube video on how to do this:
  3. JuppZupp99

    JuppZupp99 Member

    I want to hope it works with the Factory Reset.

    My guess is that the Factory Reset only deletes all presets and no longer.

    His problem will probably be that he has a begun but incomplete firmware update on the device and thus no working "operating system," which knows or recognizes any commands.

    The flash memory was deleted and freed to re-describe, but nothing was written purely.

    In the case of a mobile phone, it is always said: Make sure that the battery is fully charged and do not turn it off, so that the update does not occur, otherwise the mobile phone is gone.

    If you're unlucky, you've got a nice paperwork.
  4. Klark Bogh

    Klark Bogh New Member

    Dlaniger, That is what I was going by, that video on how to do it. JuppZupp99 has it correct. The entire operating system went bye bye on me, so there is nothing I can really do. It won't power on at all, to even be able to do any kind of a reset. I was able to buy another unit, after I fried this one. I was just hoping someone knew of a trick or whatever to bring them back, and apparently there is no such trick. Thanks for your reply though (The guy in that video, is a subscriber to my channel on youtube and one of my buddies). Thanks to both you and JuppZupp99 for your replies.
  5. JuppZupp99

    JuppZupp99 Member

    Sorry they can't help you with the problem anymore.
    So always have the update on the computer and establish a fixed, stable USB connection to the device, still connected to the power supply for safety with a firmware update.

    I also wouldn't know how to assign a new flash to the device.