B1xFour: Effect LOOPROLL; how to use properly?

Discussion in 'Zoom B1/B1X Four' started by Dario Df, Nov 5, 2022.

  1. Dario Df

    Dario Df New Member

    Hi everyone,
    If I put it in a chain effects, it doesn't work. Maybe to work does It Need in the chain a pedal effect? Or what?

    Dario DF
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  2. Alexandre Marinho

    Alexandre Marinho New Member

    Hello Dario,
    I never used this SFX Effect. In the effects list PDF is said "This effect allows you use the footswitch to sample and hold what you play".
    When you press the footswitch it must engage a live recording mode that will play in loop. Something similar to what Victor Wooten uses, but with way less length.

  3. Dario Df

    Dario Df New Member

    Ho everyone,
    thank you Alexandre for your answer.

    There are nor footswitch or expression pedale engaging the effect. I tried several times.
    Moreover, once the chain effect has been set and stored, if you change patches and then return to the patch containing LOOPROLL, this will be deactivated. then it is not clear which footswitch to use to activate the effect. I asked Zoom Japan for explanations but they suggested that I contact the Italian customer service, which was unable to answer me.
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  4. Alexandre Marinho

    Alexandre Marinho New Member

    Yeah Dario, I see.

    I can't find any tutorial or video for this sfx on the B1x Four unfortunately. I found one video about the workflow with the Looproll but on a Zoom G3Xn. Since it's Zoom, the effects UI on the display are identical to that from B1x Four, but the loop effect is named differently (LP-ST2). Maybe this video can help in some way.