B1xon -> G1xon tonelib problem

Discussion in 'Zoom G1on/G1Xon' started by filipch, Sep 15, 2023 at 3:35 PM.

  1. filipch

    filipch New Member

    Hi, i have B1Xon but i play guitar, I imported G1xon effects into my b1Xon but now i cant edit patched via the Tonelib app. Is there a way to trick Tonelibe to think its really G1xon? thanks for your answers :)
  2. electrotune

    electrotune Member

    ToneLib seems to use fixed/hardcoded effect lists per model. So, even if you'd try to alter the model id, you'd still get only one set of effects recognized. That is, when set as G1Xon you'll not be able to see B1Xon specific effects used in your patches.

    You can still use the pedal knobs to edit your patches, I assume all effects are visible on the pedal.