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    I noticed that my linux version of GFX doesn't recognize MP3 files in the background clip it supposed to? i dont see it in the pulldown menu either. thanks
  2. It is; however, the patent for mp3 is expired, so it is now completely legal in any part of the world to use it for free in any software. Anyway, didn't even know about that, because I use only FLAC, WAV, and Ogg Vorbis. I don't know, however, why would one use mp3 for any music application, even if it doesn't involve any recording.
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    thanks for the info
    i was trying to get tracks from this site
    and they only supply mp3 downloads.
    can you recommend an alternative site please?
    i am new to all this computer based recording stuff. i am a complete noob.
    thanks bro
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