Bartolini pickup emulation (ZOOM B1 FOUR)

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    Well everyone, does someone made a Patch to emulate the sound of Bartolini pickups on the B1 FOUR ? I've been going crazy with it for a while, by try and error process....

    This is the trace of my Patch, but I'm not satisfied at all;

    If you have a Patch can you please give it to me ?
    Or have some advice for me ?
    Thank you

    Effect: "MB Comp" (Dynamics), active - "yes"
    "Comp" = 40
    "LoTHR" = 25
    "HiTHR" = 20
    "Volume" = 40
    Effect: "Exciter" (Filter), active – "yes"
    Bass” = 30
    Treble” = 67
    VOL” = 37

    Effect: "Dark Pre" (Drive), active - "yes"
    "Bass" = 20
    "L-MID" = 30
    "H_MID" = 50
    "Treble" = 40
    "Blend" = 67
    "Gain" = 50
    "VOL" = 67

    Effect: "ZNR" (Dynamics), active - "yes"
    "Depth" = 100
    "THRSH" = 30
    "Treble" = 40
    "Decay" = 0

    Patch Volume: 67
    DSP Load 64%
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    "... By in large, most players hear Bartolini Pickups as having a tone that has a low mid range emphasis. Warm, without being fuzzy, a top end that is not overly bright, and in some cases a top end that feels slightly rolled off. The Original Series pickups are very much that and are the pickups that folks often associate with the ‘Bartolini Tone’.

    the Classic Bass Series ... were welcomed by folks who loved the Bartolini tone but wanted more top end and output. The tonal range is wider with the Classic Bass Series than the Original Series, and that is heard largely as still having the Bartolini tone, but with more top end.

    Did you try to dial it just using EQ? Maybe check it out with spectral view in DAW or such.
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    thanks for your suggestion; I'm currently work on developing 2 different patches, built starting from different assumptions; However, in both there is a filter
    "equalizer" ; I detected the need for an equalizer by analyzing the tone of my Cort A4 by DAW; I'm gradually refining the two patches, currently my goal would be to be able to make my ESP LTD B-5E sound like the Cort A4 (which uses MK1 pickups, therefore not exactly the original Bartolini ones) ... then: work in progress
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