bass tuning info missing (e.g. for Rocksmith 2014 Songs) in TuneLib Jam

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Anybody else interested in tuning info?

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  2. hey dummy, you can easily derive this info from....

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  1. ixdman

    ixdman New Member

    Dear all,

    I'd like to switch from rocksmith2014 to tunelib Jam and am testing the free trial.
    I have several cldc which are not standard tuning.

    In RS2014 I get an advice to tune the bass to e.g. "Drop D" instead of standard tuning.

    The Info about the tuning is contained in the psarc package within the respective *.dlc.xml file in the xpath "/DLCPackageData>/Arrangements/Arrangement/Tuning"

    it would read e.g. <Tuning>Drop D</Tuning>

    After importing such an cdlc/psarc file I cannot find this info about the song within tunellib jam.
    Am I missing/overlooking something?

    In case I am not...
    Would be possible to include the tuning info within the tonelib song files and make it prominent in interface? Would love to hear from you
  2. ixdman

    ixdman New Member

    This is so embarrasing... I found that the TAB Notation does include the Notes expected on the strings.... hence the infos which string is tuned to which note is available... sorry to bother - I did not even find the option to delete my thread... but maybe this helps other noobs like me...