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    Preset name: BEHRINGER TM300

    This preset is for the TUBE AMP MODELER TM300 pedal from BEHRINGER. Connect the pedal directly to the input of your interface and use this preset. Choose the IRs Cab that you want and ajust the output level and the noise reduction.

    Effects chain:

    Effect: "Noise Reducer" (Dynamics / Filter), active - "yes"
    "Sens" = 80
    "Mode" = Soft

    Effect: "Garage Rvb" (Reverberation), active - "yes"
    "Time" = 3.4
    "PreDelay" = 46
    "LoDamp" = 0
    "HiDamp" = 30
    "Mix" = 28

    Effect: "Cab Sim" (Cabinets), active - "yes"
    "Model" = 1x12" US Delux
    "Level (dB)" = 7

    Note: You will need to download and install the ToneLib-GFX software to use the preset.

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