Blow Away with This Software (Works on Redhat Linux)

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Link1nTime, Nov 28, 2022.

  1. Link1nTime

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    I am absolutely blow away with this software. On the website, it says it works for Ubuntu, but I found that it works on Redhat out of the box as well. This software is the only guitar software I've gotten to work on Redhat. Not only does it work, but it is insanely cheap and sounds good too. I just wanted to say thanks for making this software, I'll definitely pick up both the GTX and Jam. The 3D view and tab view on Jam is awesome as well.
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  2. Peter Zenk

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    Same with me. Completely blown away. And with the capability of easily adding 3rd party IR it really hits the sky (good IR is a major part in getting a quality guitar sound, you have to invest in either intense searching or in a commercial IR package. The build-in ones are not bad, but I could get better ones for free.)
    And then the audition tool, the idea capture, the drum loops. the looper, and so on.
    Unfortunately, most of the presets on the forum do not fit my purpose, far too many with far too much distortion, unusable for real recording.

    Yep, works on UbuntuStudio, though sometimes I have to mess around with the audio routing (have to kill pulseaudio etc.)
    Now I have my laptop amp on Linux!
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  3. Link1nTime

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    I bite the bullet and bought Tonelib Jam and Tonelib GFX. I am super excited to use both of these pieces of software in unison. I'm not even mad that it cost 70 dollars for both because that is still cheaper than almost any other guitar software that I've found. Not only that, it is the only software that works on Linux.
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