Brian May

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    Brian May
    Device: Zoom G1 Four
    Firmware: 2.00

    Name on device: BrianMay
    Optimized for: Phones/Speaker

    Effects chain:

    Patch comments:
    Get the tone of Queen's Brian May with built-in boost and AC30 sim.

    Optimized for stereo headphones. With stereo cable to amp or audio card, or with mono, please replace Stereo Chorus with Corona Trichorus at low depth/rate

    Effect: "RC Boost" (Overdrive / Distortion), active - "yes"
    "Gain" = 100
    "Bass" = 0
    "Treble" = 68
    "Volume" = 50

    Effect: "UK 30A" (Amp simulator), active - "yes"
    "Bass" = 0
    "Treble" = 0
    "Cut" = 0
    "Gain" = 95
    "Volume" = 15
    "Depth" = 0
    "Speed" = 0

    Effect: "UK2x12" (Cabinet), active - "yes"
    "MIC" = ON
    "D57: D421" = 50
    "Hi" = 25
    "Lo" = 0

    Effect: "StereoCho" (Modulation), active - "yes"
    "Depth" = 80
    "Rate" = 15
    "Tone" = 8
    "Mix" = 70

    Effect: "Spring" (Reverb), active - "yes"
    "PreD" = 1
    "Decay" = 20
    "Mix" = 40
    "Tail" = Off
    Patch Volume: 100
    DSP Load: 78%

    Note: This is a patch file, you will need to download and install the ToneLib-Zoom software to use the patch.

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  2. Zsolt Nemeth

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    Hi Alessandro,

    Thanks for this tip for Brian sound. I modified it for my taste and to make it little heavier. I use a metal muff with zero distortion at the input. Unfortunately there is only 5 pedal place available in the G1X4.

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  3. baz

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    Thanks to both you and Alessandro for developing the patch. Heavily distorted but in a clean, articulate way, epic harmonics and bright, warm notes. Definitely reminiscent of Brian May's rig and settings on We Will Rock You/We are the champions medley. And when I switch to the bridge pickup and roll the treble all the way down on the tone knob I'll be damned if it doesn't sound like Tommy Iommi's rig from early 70s era Sabbath. Great patch, thanks again to Alessandro and Zsolt.