Bridge of Sighs cover

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  1. Ralph Woodin

    Ralph Woodin New Member

    Bridge of Sighs. Robin Trower Cover song with me on guitar and backing track from Recorded with Tonelib Guitar Studio - free version. Video made with screen capture of song playing in Butterchurn Visualizer.

    ToneLib is amazing. Everything I want for now. I have used it as a plugin in Reaper, but found I liked the stand alone app more. Much easier. Many thanks to the developers of this great software application!
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  2. Buzz

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    Really like what you have here!
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  3. Ralph Woodin

    Ralph Woodin New Member

    Thank You!
  4. ktaxi

    ktaxi Well-Known Member

    nice tone man!!
  5. ShlepRc1

    ShlepRc1 New Member

    Great job, Great sounds!
    More Trower, Please!