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Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Peter Weldon, Jan 18, 2019.

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    Just wondering if anyone is able to get the built-in tremolo to work on the Amp models in the G5n, more specifically, the Fender models? The speed and depth knobs are there, but there does not seem to be a way to turn it on or off and/or enable it. If anyone has been able to enable it, I would greatly appreciate any advice. I can obviously the separate pedal tremolo outside of the amp model, but as we know, there are different characteristics, etc.

    So nice to have ToneLib!!

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  2. in the program or on the pedal? In the program click the little red button for on/off in the window with the settings knobs. I just tried it a patch and it worked okay.
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    My apologies, I should have been more clear. I am speaking of the program. On the pedal itself, the amp tremolo within the Fender Twin is a separate module within the amp model, and therefore, that amp model takes up two pedals. The tremolo on/off is controlled by the second/right pedal, however, in the program, there is no on/off for the tremolo itself, just for the Fender Twin module in whole (see screen-shot below) and despite there being speed and depth, the tremolo is off. Perhaps I am missing something, but I am not seeing a way to toggle the tremolo itself on/off like you can on the pedal itself.

  4. Ah, I get it. So if the pedal is engaged when you go to PC mode you are stuck with it on. I see now. Yeah, its a bit of an annoyance, that, since I have a Fnd Twin with a Tube Screamer patch that I use with my Gretsch that sounds awesome, but if I forget to turn off the trem it drives me batty for a minute until I remember why. LOL.
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    Yes, that is what I was referring to ... the ability to turn it on/off via ToneLib. In the end, not that big of a deal in some situations, but a bit of hassle to disconnect and go back to the pedal itself to toggle it as needed.
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    For what it's worth to those that this matters to, I found something interesting yesterday --- if/when enabling the tremolo on the pedal itself and then connecting it to ToneLib, if you change the speed or depth (basically make any adjustment to the tremolo), the tremolo turns off. And oddly enough, if you go into the tuner and then back out of the tuner, the tremolo is back on and set to wherever you adjusted it to in terms of speed/depth. So I suppose this can be seen as a workaround of sorts if you want to continue adjusting in ToneLib and not have to disconnect/reconnect to adjust the tremolo. My hope is that an update will address the issue. I am pleased with ToneLib in general, so this is not necessarily a gripe, just an observation while using it.

    At the end of the day, of course you can just use a separate tremolo pedal than the one in the Fender Amp Sim, and the separate pedal does sound better (funny enough, it sounds more like a Fender tremolo), but there are times where you may not have enough DSP and want to have the option of a tremolo. Basically, I'm just figuring out different options for such limitations, etc. Also, I assume 'some' folks may want the ability to have two tremolo's ... one slow and one fast, etc. :)
  7. Yeah, having the Pedal go to PC mode where you can't see what its actually doing (if you are a cynical paranoid partial shut in like me) bugs me too. Still, Im glad there is an interface. It only took Zoom what, three years almost, to come up with one of their own?
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    I wholeheartedly agree. I am thankful to have ToneLib. Again, I am not griping. Initially, I thought I was missing something. ToneLib is very nice to have, so no complaints here.