can anyone help a Newbie please

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Piccy, Nov 2, 2022.

  1. Piccy

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    I am new to all this, is there anyone who can give me advice on how to make a simple patch, and load it onto my zoom G1 four
    I am going round in circles at the moment, have looked for videos etc but they done seem to be clear on how to do things
    I am using the latest version on Tonelib Zoom, the free edition on MacBook Pro

  2. What exactly are your issues? The easiest way is to download either Zoom's software or the Tonelib Zoom software (which it sounds like you have). That way you can see a whole patch on your computer at one time with all the settings, rather than scrolling around on the pedal. You can also create, delete, and save patches this way, including uploading patches from here or
  3. Piccy

    Piccy New Member

    Thanks for your reply.
    Yes, I have Tonelib installed and know how to obtain and install patches.
    I am particularly interested in shadows patches, but don’t seem to get the correct sound