Can I combine G1X Four with other pedals?

Discussion in 'Zoom G1/G1X Four' started by PR19, Feb 16, 2022.

  1. PR19

    PR19 New Member

    Can I for example use my favorite RAT distortion pedal and link a G1X Four which would act only as a whammy pitch shifter?
    I wonder if G1X can handle the signal coming from the output of another pedal or is it restricted to handle only guitar pickup signals? If it can handle it, will it generate a sound that is comparable to a standalone pitch shifter pedal (like Digitech Whammy)?
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    KIRRIK New Member

    You can do but i dont know how will be the voice quality change.
  3. Name

    Name New Member

    I have used the processor after the pedalboard, to add boost/compression or to play with the expression pedal as a volume pedal.
    By all means, try it and let us know how it works out.