Can these be used with Guitar Lab

Discussion in 'Zoom B3n' started by Tommy Draughn, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. Tommy Draughn

    Tommy Draughn New Member

    I don't really understand. Guitar Lab seems like the thing to use to edit the B3N, but here's the forum with patches for Tonelib. I don't really get how they are related - did Zoom used to use Tonelib and now they use Guitar Lab? Can these patches be used via Guitar Lab? If not, how do you use these with Tonelib?

    When I try to open these .zb3n files in Guitar Lab - it never comes up in the Patch Pool. Thank you for any help.
  2. Crimstein

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    Guitar Lab is the official zoom software to edit the B3N.
    Tonelib is an open software (kinda) that works with many other multieffects apart B3N
    If you import the patches from tonelib site in your B3N then you can open them in guitar lab
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  3. Tommy Draughn

    Tommy Draughn New Member

    Thank you, how do I import them?
  4. Tommy Draughn

    Tommy Draughn New Member

    Nevermind - sorry, it's a lot easier when I have the right software. I had downloaded the first thing on Tonelib's download section in a hurry - didn't realize there was a "Tonelib Zoom" - thank you so much, this will do it.