Can tonelib zoom be controlled using a midi controller?

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  1. Hi, I tried to use a midi controller(m vave chocolate) to select some especific presets in tonelib zoom. I already managed to get the software responding to keyboard shortcuts programmed into the midi controller, but I wonder if I could get the software responding to the actual midi signals.
    Is there a way to control the software by using those midi signs sent by the controller?
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    My understanding is that ToneLib Zoom expects a connection from a supported Zoom pedal device (Zoom MIDI Port and supported Zoom MIDI DeviceId). Once the connection is established, the messages are sent directly between the ToneLib and the device. In that case the ToneLib can be "controlled" from the connected device and vice versa (both respond to the MIDI messages).

    I believe it won't be possible to have ToneLib Zoom respond to MIDI messages from some other controllers unless such devices could present themselves (impersonate) as any of the supported Zoom MIDI devices at the connection time AND support the expected set of the MIDI messages (mostly Zoom specific SysEx). Not sure if this makes any sense to implement.
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  3. Where can I get the Zoom specifc SysEx commands ?