Cant connect to Tonelib

Discussion in 'Zoom MS-60B' started by elvis valentine, Jun 25, 2021.

  1. elvis valentine

    elvis valentine New Member

    Hi folks,

    No matter what i do my unit wont connect to Tonelib.
    I get various errors depending on what I do...
    ms60b 2.10 Firmware, Version 1.00, Boot 1.10
    tonelib either shuts down after a few seconds not making any connection, or i get one of these errors...Unable to get an identity response from the "check", or for zoom ms60b the 1.10 firmware detected (2.10 supported)
    I have used 4 different usb cables i have tried with an ext PSU and without. I'm tearing my hair out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. stefso

    stefso New Member

    hello, you must plug your ms60 without press the 2 buttons.
  3. michael hansen

    michael hansen New Member

    had the same problem, ToneLib was just searching for my pedal, went down and bought a new USB mini cable that specified it was a data cable, plugged it in and ToneLib found my pedal immediately,
    it seems the old USB mini cables we have laying in the back of a drawer might not all be capable of data transfer, as it seems back when other companies than Zoom still used USB mini cables some companies would save the 0,00001$ and only give you a cable that can only transfer power