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  1. Carpinteiro

    Device: Zoom G1Xon
    Firmware: 1.21

    Name on device: O Capinter
    Optimized for: Phones/Speaker

    Effects chain:

    Patch comments:
    Efeito da musica ''Carpinteiro'' do alessandro vila boa

    Effect: "ZNR" (Dynamics / Filter), active - "yes"
    "THRSH" = 10
    "DETCT" = EfxIn
    "Level" = 100

    Effect: "FD VIBRO" (Amp simulators), active - "yes"
    "Gain" = 40
    "Tube" = 81
    "Level" = 98
    "Trebl" = 51
    "Middl" = 50
    "Bass" = 47
    "Prese" = 52
    "CAB" = FD VIBRO 2x10
    "OUT" = LINE

    Effect: "Delay" (Delay / Reverb), active - "yes"
    "Time" = 487
    "F.B" = 30
    "Mix" = 40
    "HiDMP" = 10
    "P-P" = MONO
    "Level" = 100
    "Tail" = Off

    Effect: "HD Hall" (Delay / Reverb), active - "yes"
    "PreD" = 81
    "Decay" = 66
    "Mix" = 62
    "LoDMP" = 32
    "HiDMP" = 70
    "Tail" = Off

    Patch Volume: 100

    Note: This is a patch file, you will need to download and install the ToneLib-Zoom software to use the patch.

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