'Checking device error' message on ToneLib Zoom tool

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by R Jacobo, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. R Jacobo

    R Jacobo New Member

    Please, need help.

    I'm having some trouble with the app. Sometimes I'm receiving an error message in the tool:

    Checking Device Error
    Unable to get an identity response from the "Check"

    I have to close and try again.

    On another occasions, I do not receive any error message but I'm unable to use the tool. I can see the patches, effects chain section and device effects but the tool freezes and, if I click anywhere in the tool, it gets a grey layer over it. I think that means the tool already crashed. I can only close it.

    I'm connecting a G1Xon pedal and already verified the firmware version is 1.21.
    ToneLib Zoom app version is 3.8.5
    My PC: Windows 10 Pro, 32 bit

    This is the error message:

    The grey layer:
    Never been able to use the tool.
  2. MrEdward

    MrEdward New Member

    Hey, just had the same issue with a brand new MS70cdr; in my case a another application was actually connected to the pedal and was using the midi port used by the Tonelib to communicate with the pedal (actually it was this https://g200kg.github.io/zoom-ms-utility/)
    Once closed everything worked like a charm...