Convert g1xon patches to g1x four?

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by berkeleysquare, Sep 11, 2021.

  1. berkeleysquare

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    Can't believe I'm the first one asking this, but I could not find it. :)

    I just bought a G1x four to replace my slightly-water-damaged g1xon.

    I like it but am missing a couple of frequently used factory patches (Stratty and Jazzy Lead).

    Any way to convert the .G1xon files to .zg1vx?
  2. electrotune

    electrotune Member

    Answering just for reference. In general, these two pedal series use different patch formats, so patches are not compatible but some are mappable.

    G1Xon patch B2 Stratty could be mapped manually, provided you can make use of the effect ZD2 modules of the same names:
    • 160 Comp (160_COMP.ZD2)
    • ModReverb (MOD_REV.ZD2)
    You'd likely need to tweak params, ZD2 ModReverb supports 4 params: (Depth, Decay, Mix, Tail).

    G1Xon A7 Jazzy Lead could be mapped into G1X FOUR effects as:
    • Comp (COMP.ZD2)
    • TS Drive (TS_DRIVE.ZD2)
    • Spring (SPRING.ZD2)
    There's no Spring63 exactly but ZD2 Spring could be tried as a tweakable alternative.