David Gilmour Solo

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  1. LeloRefundini

    LeloRefundini New Member

    Este é o Patch do David Gilmour.
    Use em linha ou em fones. Para usar no seu amp, ajuste o mic para "off" no efeito do Gabinete.

    This is David Gilmour Tone.
    Use in line channel or headphones. To use in your amp, set the mic to "off" in the Cabinet effect.
    Enjoy it!

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  2. Shahzad

    Shahzad New Member

    Mate, just purchased zoom g1x, can i ask you how would i install your patch. I have download and double clicked it but it does not do anything. Kindly help.
  3. LeloRefundini

    LeloRefundini New Member

    Search YouTube for: How to use ToneLib Zoom
  4. Pham Duc Hoang

    Pham Duc Hoang New Member

    This is the best crunchy tone ever thank you so much!
  5. Shahzad

    Shahzad New Member

    Mate, I think i manage to install it somehow but there is an effect missing cause i deleted some of the effects. Now i wont know what is missing would I? Could you please let us know the individual effects and settings please.
  6. Shahzad

    Shahzad New Member

    So far I have SeqFLTR, MK1 1x12, NYC Muff, and ZNR so one is missing. Please let me know which one. Thanks