deleteded patches after switch tuner to patch ?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Luiehond, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Luiehond

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    I noticed that the patch I was using before tuning my guitar disappears after I closed the tuner too go back too the patch First I thought I dragged the patch down too another place ..But I wasn't ,the patch disappeared and a double of a preset patch appears in a diff spot ..i Can duplicate the bug.... Lost my fav clean patch : ( hope I have it backed up

    latest version 3.5.2 tonelib

    g1xon v. 1.2.1

    windows 10

    O and after trying to set a backup back ,,the whole thing froze up and closed on me ...leaving me on this moment wif my DEAD ! g1Xon pedal

    restart comp
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  2. Tonelib

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    Thank you for your report! Most likely, this could be a faulty cable connection, so please try a different USB port on your computer, and also please make sure to disconnect the USB cable from the G1Xon and plug it back. You can also try a different computer. Can you please provide some more detail about your environment (

    To restoring the factory settings of Zoom G1Xon, first power on while simultaneously holding the STORE button until “ALL INITIALIZE” appears on the display. Finally, press STORE again to start initialization of the program.
  3. Luiehond

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    Ty you for reply , after restart i was able to load a backup file , i reinstalled tonelib .. all seems fine for now ..
  4. Tonelib

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    Thanks for the info! I'm glad to hear that you were able to get it working as it should again.