Description of IRs OOTB

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    I have been looking everywhere but I can't find it documented - please can someone point me in the right direction?
    In download of ToneLib GFX there are 5 IRs - 3 are "cab" and 2 are "rev" I am assuming that Cab is a response file for a guitar speaker cabinet and Rev is a response file for some reverberant space. I have been searching this site for a description of these response files - i.e. can anyone tell me what cabinets were sampled or what spaces the rev files are from?
    I was hoping that this would be in the manual, but the only documentation I've been able to find so far says
    "If you are not satisfied with default amps’ sounds, you can use impulses instead. Go to Impulses tab, then browse for a wav file you want to use as an impulse. Once you add a new impulse to your library, you can add it to your effect chain, just like a common amp."