Distortion on every Effect

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Pradyumna Sharma, May 8, 2022.

  1. Pradyumna Sharma

    Pradyumna Sharma New Member

    Im a beginner and just started using the zoom g1 four but every patch just has so much distortion i cant seem to fix it and get those clean tunes im looking for, tried online patches as well but they sound different in the description and just get so much distortion added as soon as i play em.
  2. J-P

    J-P New Member

    Would you have a cab in the chain with the Mic set to on before pumping it into your combo amp perhaps?
    assuming you've checked for bad cables etc already....
  3. Matt Walton

    Matt Walton New Member

    Try checking if it is your audio device, for usb guitar cords, go into windows sound panel and goto the recording section and check listen to device, if the device is still distorted without the program running then the output of your device needs to be turned down to a lower volume or your device. if this fixes it then all is good, if it does not then you may need a new cable etc.