Does anyone else have issues using Scarlett Solo in GFX?

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Ridagstran, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. Ridagstran

    Ridagstran New Member

    I can hear my guitar using Direct Monitor on the Solo and I can record it into Audacity without issue. If I go into ProTools, I can change from Input 1 to Input 2 and then be able to hear my guitar in real-time. For GFX, I can hear it in the right channel for about 2 seconds upon program startup, but then just a little bit of hiss (which changes character when I mess around with preset settings). No difference between using Windows Audio and ASIO. Active Audio Input channels 1+2 are set.

    If I plug a mic into the XLR input of the Scarlett, I can hear my own voice then. So basically it seems the software is ignoring the instrument input. Could I get any help with this?
  2. Tonelib

    Tonelib Administrator

    It seems something is running in the background. Your audio card may also be in use by another computer program. To eliminate this problem, please close all applications running in the background such as Audacity, ProTools, etc. What audio buffer size are you using?
  3. Ridagstran

    Ridagstran New Member

    The only interfering program I can think could be causing the program is the Dell Audio package, though based on the looks of the interface, it seems like it is not controlling the speaker out or the Scarlett. Buffer size is 960 samples, 10.0 ms. No other audio programs are running that I can see.

    Edit: I can see the input levels changing in response to my guitar and the gain knob on the Scarlett. Oddly enough, the "test output" button does send a tone to through the Scarlett, and I can still hear the hiss when an amp model is turned on.
  4. mered23

    mered23 New Member

    I'm having this exact issue, and I came here to see if anyone else was experiencing it too. The problem as far as I can tell isn't that something else is running in the background, but that GFX appears to be listening to a different input than the one the guitar is connected to (FWIW, this appears to be a problem with the Focusrite drivers rather than something GFX is doing wrong). The guitar comes in on input 2, and this can't be changed, so you have to set your software to listen to only that input (in Amplitube and my DAW, for instance, I set both left and right channels to input 2, which means I hear the same mono signal from input 2 on both sides). If the software defaults to listening to input 1, or both inputs at the same time, you won't hear anything. Is there a way in GFX to specify exactly which input you want to hear? I only see an option for "Input 1 + 2" in the preferences.

    That's what I feel like is happening anyway, but I'm no expert. I found this video explaining how to fix "the Focusrite mono problem", but the solution didn't work for me.
  5. Brahman

    Brahman New Member

    Did you guys solved this issue?

    I have read all the answers but I don't see any of you fixed it.

    I have tried all with my scarlet solo, it is working on Amplitube but it's not with Tonelib, basically on amplitube I can change the channels of the input and output, but here I cannot and I am sure that's the main issue because that's why in amplitube was not working because I didn't order correctly the channels but here is just one option.

    May any administrator to give us some solution?

    I am pretty sure there must be many more people using scarlet solo with this program.

    Thank you.
  6. Failrunner

    Failrunner New Member

    I have the 2nd generation working. Make sure you install the official drivers or it will suck.
  7. trashcan

    trashcan New Member

    @Brahman, you need to select the right channel for Scarlett Solo, on the Tonelib app there is a volume slider and above it an input selector, choose R->L:R.