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    I see all of these preset requests and literally none of them have gotten anything. I thought this was a place where you can find presets that people have made or request something? I have asked for tons of them and haven't gotten a single person that has made anything. I am at the point where I am willing to pay someone to make these tones for me because I cannot make anything on my own. (Using G1X)
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    Well, you've got a nice and capable device. It's never late to discover what it can do for you so that you yourself could use it to make your own presets.

    For starter, you can just review the default presets to understand what they do and which effects make difference. It's obvious that out of 5 slots often 2 are taken by a reverb and a delay, often ZNR is there to clean the sound; the remaining 2-3 slots are what sculpts the wanted sound. Out of those 2-3 slots often one is set for an AMP, one for compressor or distortion, AMP could be paired with a CAB.

    So, if you're interested in a particular band's sound, it would make sense to look up what gear they use and then try to see if your G1X has something like that simulated. The ZOOM G1X effect list pdf has descriptions of the original hardware simulated by a given effect.

    Have fun exploring your pedal and soon you'll be here posting your own presets or responding to other people's requests!

    P.S. To be fair, some nice folks did share a preset on your request, you even said to have liked it...
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