Error accessing online presets webserver

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Petri Coetzee, Oct 19, 2022.

  1. Petri Coetzee

    Petri Coetzee New Member

    For the last few days now when trying to connect to the online presets I get the following error:

    You internet connection seems to be OK, but our webserver didn't respond... This is most likely a temporary problem, so try again in a few minutes, but if it persists, please contact us for support."

    Definitely not a temporary problem. Can anyone else access it so I can confirm it's at my end? If so, any ideas?
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  2. schecter86

    schecter86 New Member

    its problem for me to,i dont know how its fix(
  3. Tom Lamoreaux

    Tom Lamoreaux New Member

    cant get past 1st page????
  4. TarsTarkas

    TarsTarkas New Member

    При переключении страниц в OnlinePreset происходит закрытие программы TonLib_GFX